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Travel Tips 

''Because we care about our customers, therefore we selected for you some useful travel tips before you start up your travel journey to the Holy Land''


Tickets (include a photocopy of your ticket in your pocket or purse).

  • Passport (include a photocopy of your passport in your pocket or purse).

  • Cash (Approximately $ 100 - $ 200 – keep it low).

  • Medications if required.

  • Personal grooming items—small bars of soap, travel size tubes of toothpaste, etc. Remember to put manicure items in your checked baggage. Scissors or other pointed items may be confiscated if you leave them in your carry-on.

  • Umbrella in winter time or raincoat.

  • Any snacks you may want to bring with you on the plane.

  • Sweater or light jacket to wear on the plane.

  • Camera (Still/Video).


  • Bible.

  • Rosary.

  • Notebook/Journal, pen or pencil.

  • Backpack, cross-body bag, fanny pack or similar for convenient storage of essentials while traveling.

  • Sturdy water bottle.

  • Flashlight.

  • Hat or visor.

  • Good walking shoes are the most important item to pack.

  • Extra contact lenses and a pair of backup glasses.

  • Washcloths in a plastic baggie.

  • Travel alarm.

  • Sunglasses.

  • Insect repellant (optional for use during the summer months).

  • Small packets of facial tissues.

  • Hand wipes.

  • An adapter and converter for any electrical items.

  • Night wear / underwear / socks.

  • A couple of skirts or pairs of slacks/washable pants (and/or jeans if desired).

  • Shirts or blouses that have at least short sleeves.

  • Sweater or sweatshirt, windbreaker or jacket, scarf, gloves, hat or earmuffs, depending on the time of year.

  • A good attitude ready for learning and walking!


  • Liquid or powder detergent (small plastic bottle) and 6-12 small clothespins plus string for hanging and drying hand-washed clothes.

  • Plastic bags for packing shoes, laundry, liquids, etc.


  • Wear loose-fitting clothing on the plane. Soft slipper socks can also add to your comfort while you sleep during the flight.

  • Bring practical clothes that are easily washable and fast drying.

  • Part of traveling lightly and simply includes leaving at home as many of your electrical devices as possible. For those that you must have, check with a travel store regarding what kind of adapter/converter you may need. Note that some pilgrim hotels supply hair dryers; some do not.

  • Many airlines are no longer providing free snacks on shorter flights. Airport food and food purchased on the planes can be expensive. Before you leave home, purchase a few breakfast bars or granola bars to pack in your carry-on to use as snacks. If you carry a small plastic water bottle, it can be re-filled at airport water fountains.

  • Remember that you must handle your own luggage, so pack lightly (and remember to leave room for items you purchase as souvenirs).

  • Check the weather for when and where you are traveling. Early spring and late fall can be cold and wet. Bring things that could be layered when the weather is cool and peeled off when it is warm. A light sweater is generally sufficient for summer evenings. If you are traveling in very early spring or late fall, bring warm clothing.

  • When packing clothes, please consider appropriateness. If you have anything with thin or no straps, please bring something to cover your shoulders.

Source: holylandpilgrimages

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