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About Us

Fifth Gospel Travel agency is a registered company specializing in operating tours over the Holy land & worldwide.

Visiting the Land of the Bible is not like touring anywhere else. With the Fifth Gospel Tours and well trained staff, we invite you to visit the land of the Bible, where the book becomes a real place, the towns have memories, the places have smell, and the names have sights and sounds! The Bible becomes Alive!

In addition to visit the archaeological sites, we explore the landscape showing how it connects to the biblical events.

The Holy land is the “Fifth Gospel“ wrote Cyril of Jerusalem more than 1600 years ago.

With our office located in Bethlehem city, we have representative office in Egypt and Jordan as well as other services that include the following: Ticketing - Hotel Reservation - Reservation of Accommodation at Domestic and International - Visa Application Services - Transport Services - Organizing Meetings - Seminars - Conferences and Exhibitions.

Rest assured, you will receive the best customer service you may imagine, commitment, honesty and trust from a Christian family-owned and operate business. We will do our best to accommodate your budget for each package and of course, we will make our customers feel at home and have a very enjoyable pilgrimage. Fifth Gospel Travel believes in quality services from our ground experienced staff, so we impart the same to our guest. We always look forward to long term business with our customers and partners, our goal is to build a long lasting business relationship.

Meet Our Team!

Emil A. Kamar

Sales and Marketing Manager

Cell: +972 547 965 454                         


Sami A. Kamar

Tour Operator

Cell: +972 545 591 5562       


Ticketing department

Sami A. Kamar                      Emil A. Kamar

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